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Bubala is coming to Soho from Monday 11th July!

We will be accepting reservations and walk-ins every day Monday to Saturday for both lunch and dinner.

Different to our OG at Spitalfields, we will be serving an a la carte menu at all time as well as our Bubala Knows Best set menu!

Want to enjoy Bubala at home? You can order our latest mezze spread including all our favourites from both Spitalfields and Soho! Order via Dishpatch here. Delivered nationwide.

We are also selling our Bubala dips and Laffa breads at Supermarket of Dreams in Notting Hill.

Please do keep an eye on our instagram / website for the latest updates & for all things Bubala.

Love Team Bubala


Bubala (meaning ‘darling’ in Yiddish) is all about vibrant food, culture, and a passion for hospitality. We started as a pop-up which has since turned into 2 permanent restaurants, in the heart of Spitalfields and Soho.

We take inspiration from across the Middle East with bold, complex flavours and textures.

Our food is playful and champions the humble vegetable. We adopt a no substitutes attitude, shunning the synthetic and processed and instead championing the best and most exciting veg we can get our hands on. We work with some of the best wine suppliers in the UK and house a great collection of natural wine and homemade sparkling gazoz.